Top Dog Breeds for Energetic People

Are you an active person looking for a dog to share in your hikes, runs, or other outdoor activity? A high-energy dog breed makes an ideal companion for your active lifestyle. Plus people who engage in physical activity with their dogs are two and a half times more likely to meet their fitness goals than those who work out solo! So learn more from Woofs & Wags, offering pet boarding in Baltimore, about the types of dogs that will match your energetic traits.

Active Dog Breeds

Dogs, like humans, have their own personalities. Here are a few breeds that will go the mileage with their active humans.

  1. Labrador Retrievers. Labs are one of the most popular breeds in the U.S. They play well with other dogs and children, and are enthusiastically active. They’re great partners for Frisbee as they were originally bred to catch game. They make perfect companions for fishing or hunting trips, and they love to swim.
  2. Siberian Huskies. Siberian Huskies don’t just like exercise, they demand it. With thick coats, they love colder weather and winter activities like sledding, cold weather runs, or cross-country skiing. Bred for pulling dog sleds, Huskies have incredible endurance. Don’t worry about them tiring, as they’ll keep running long after you collapse from exhaustion.
  3. Dalmatians. These dogs are incredibly social and protective. With powerful hind legs combined with a lean, muscular physique, Dalmatians make great companions for long-distant runs or hiking.
  4. Rhodesian Ridgebacks. These large dogs were bred to hunt lions, making them ideal running partners. It’s important that Rhodesian Ridgebacks be well-trained to prevent destructive behavior.
  5. Border Collies. Border collies are an intelligent breed that love the outdoors. Naturally herding dogs, on a group hike, they’ll seek to keep hikers together. Although they’re not long-distance runners, collies love obstacle courses, learning tricks, and playing catch.
  6. German Shepherds. German Shepherds make ideal outdoor company when they’re young. Since this breed tends to develop hip problems when aging, they may not be able to keep up on steep climbs or longer runs.

Woofs & Wags Pet Boarding in Baltimore

If you’ve got an active dog breed and need a place for your pet to stay, contact Woofs & Wags pet boarding in Baltimore. Woofs & Wags will provide your dog with plenty of activity, peaceful places to relax, monitoring, and plenty of one-on-one time. Woofs & Wags knows how to look after dogs with a wide range of demeanors, including active ones, so contact us today.

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