Professional Pet Styling

Tailored Pet Styling

Discover Your Pet's Style Potential with Our Grooming Experts

Whether your pet needs a “crew cut” for the summer months on visits to the eastern shore, a bath and brush with styling, or coat conditioning for special events and shows our Pet Stylists have you covered. With 50 years combined experience in the industry our staff can assist you in your pets’ coat care.
All-Breed Pet Grooming | Grooming by Appointment Only

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Doggie Day Camp | Supervised K9 Activities

Puppy Pro-Shop

Book Your Pet's Next Best Stay

Ready to give your furry friend the ultimate pampering experience? Book their next best stay at Woofs and Wags today! Whether it’s an overnight stay for your dog or cat, a fun-filled day at our Doggie Day Camp, a makeover with our professional pet stylists, or a shopping spree at our Puppy Pro Shop, we’ve got everything your pet needs for a tail-wagging good time. Don’t wait, treat your pet to a memorable stay with us now!
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