Summer Safety Tips for Your Pooch

Summertime means more fun activities outdoors with your dog. However, higher temperatures are not ideal as they create unsafe conditions for your pets. Just like humans, pets also need to be constantly hydrated. Give them enough water and shade to protect them in the warmer months. Also, make sure you keep your dog groomed properly. Do not shave your dog as this could cause your pet to become susceptible to sunburn. Learn more summer safety tips from Woofs & Wags’ dog grooming in Baltimore.

Keeping Your Dogs Safe During the Summer

Dehydration can be a life-threatening condition to your dog. The lack of water intake causes dehydration, and it can lead to kidney failure or unconsciousness when not addressed. If they are showing signs of distress such as panting, vomiting, wobbly legs, or diarrhea, take your pet to a vet. If you want to walk them outside and the heat is unbearable, protect their feet. Use doggie boots and take regular water breaks. Also, sunscreens aren’t just for humans. Talk to your vet about special sunscreens for your dogs.

When you’re traveling, please do not leave your dog unattended inside the car. In most states, pet owners are prohibited to leave their dogs or cats inside the car because it isn’t safe for them. Heat stroke can occur in less than 10 minutes, and this can be extremely dangerous to your dog.

The summer season is also pest season, so make sure to talk to your vet about the best flea, mosquito and tick protection for your dog. If you want to take your dog boating, utilize a life vest as not all dogs are good swimmers.

Contact Pet Grooming in Baltimore

Keep your pets safe this summer and contact Woofs & Wags for all your pet’s needs. Whether your dog needs a “crew cut” for the summer months on visits to the eastern shore, doggie daycare, or a place to stay while you are away, Woofs & Wags is here to help. With 50 years combined experience in the industry our staff can assist you in your pets’ care. Contact us today.

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