Summer Safety Advice for Pet Owners

Summertime means plenty of time outdoors and relaxing vacations with family, friends, and even your pets! However, summer’s extreme high temperatures may expose your pet to a risk of heatstroke, injuries, and skin or ear infections. To avert such risks, read on to learn more about summer pet safety from Woofs & Wags dog boarding in Maryland.

Summer Safety for Pets

Woofs & Wags, offering grooming services and dog boarding in Maryland, offers the following advice:

  1. Don’t leave your pet in the car. A pet may end up suffering from a heat stroke inside a hot vehicle. Also, it’s illegal in Maryland to leave your pet unattended under the “hot car” laws.
  2. Don’t shave your pet. A pet’s coat has a natural mechanism that allows it to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  3. Provide plenty of shade and water. Pets are exposed to the risk of dehydration during summer. The moment a dog exhibits signs of excessive drooling or dry gums, the dog is suffering from dehydration. Always provide your pet with clean and fresh water. Also, when going outside, don’t forget to carry an extra water bottle for your furry friend. Try to keep your pet in the shade, avoid sunbathing, and give wet food during summer to increase fluid intake.
  4. Apply pet sunscreen. Pets with light or short hair are prone to sunburns. This makes them uncomfortable, and in extreme cases, it may lead to skin cancer. While going outdoor with your pet, ensure to apply sunscreens regularly to the parts least covered by hair such as nose, ears, and bellies.
  5. Keep your pet parasite-free. During summer, there is an increase in parasites such as mosquitoes, ticks, or fleas. They transmit diseases such as Bartonella and Lyme, which put your pet at risk. It’s advisable to consult your vet on the appropriate medicine to use to protect your furry-friend from pests.

Dog Boarding in Maryland

Finally, for the days you are not at home or on vacation, arrange for quality care for your pet with dog boarding in Maryland. Finding the ideal pet boarding solution when taking a summer vacation can be hectic. You want to ensure your pet is well looked after and happy. At Woofs & Wags, we cater to the needs of your pet. Our services include overnight dog and cat accommodation, professional pet styling, puppy pro shop, and doggie day camp. Give us a call today to learn about the options available for your pet.


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