Keep Your Pets Safe in Cold Weather

As winter sets in, you might be thinking about snow, hot chocolate with marshmallows, and a fireplace. But don’t forget about your pets! Whether your pet has a thick coat of fur or not, your dog will still get cold. Pets need proper care during the winter. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your dog safe during the winter and how pet grooming in Baltimore MD can help.

Winter Pet Safety

It’s okay to allow your pets to explore outside during cold weather, however, limit the amount of time they spend outdoors. Fur does not completely insulate your pet. Just like humans, our furry friends aren’t able to withstand freezing temperatures. Your pet’s paws and ears are exposed to the elements, which can make your dog sick or have other undesired problems.

Remember to dress your pet warmly. Don’t hesitate to buy your pet some stylish clothes for back or front yard adventures or walks. Clothing gives your pet an extra layer of protection from the elements and keeps your dog warm. Puppies and senior dogs have difficulty maintaining body temperature, so always bundle them up before heading outside.

After exploring the outside world, whether playing in the yard or going on walks, make sure you wipe their paws. Antifreeze, ice, salt, and snow can accumulate on your pets’ feet. Dogs tend to lick their feet, and unfortunately antifreeze is a toxic chemical that is fatal to pets. Use a towel to dry their paws each time they come in the house to help prevent illness.

Pet Grooming in Baltimore MD

Keep in mind the following grooming tips during the winter months:

  • Your dog’s coat will provide natural insulation, but it can also get wet which will make your pet feel colder. It is important to dry a dog’s fur thoroughly when you come back inside.
  • You shouldn’t necessarily let your dog’s fur grow out. If a shorter coat is more manageable, it is more important to keep pets clean and dry.
  • Give your dog extra protection on those extremely cold days with a jacket – waterproof is best.
  • Protect your dog’s feet from the cold. Snow, ice and salt can cause damage to their paws. Always wipe them dry after walks.

Looking for more tips or winter pet grooming in Baltimore MD? Contact Woofs & Wags today to learn more about our professional pet styling and other services offered.

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