Leaving Your Pet Home Alone

Pets are an important member of your families. 85 million or 67% of American homes include a pet. As a pet owner, you may be wondering how long you can leave your cat or dog home alone. With work and other obligations, there will be times your pet will have to be on its own. But you do have options. If you are looking for a pet daycare, consider Woofs & Wags.

How Long Can You Leave Your Pet Home Alone?

First, it’s important to look at the type of pet you have. Cats are much more independent and can be left alone without getting into mischief for a greater length of time than dogs. Also, cats will consume the food and water you leave out and use their litter box regardless of the age of the cat. However, even cats shouldn’t be left alone for longer than 12 hours.

Dogs require much more maintenance than cats. Plus, the amount of time you can leave them alone varies depending on the age of the dog. Veterinarians have developed the recommended guidelines for dogs:

  1. Puppies should never be left alone for more than 2 hours a day. They are not used to being alone and can become very distressed (and destructive) when left alone.
  2. Adult dogs, 18 months of age or older can be left alone for 4-6 hours depending on your dog.
  3. Elderly dogs should not be left alone for more than 2-6 hours because of issues with vision or mobility.

Pet Daycare: Woofs & Wags

When thinking of what is best for you pets, consider the services of a professional pet daycare like Woofs & Wags, Our professionals will take excellent care of your furry family member while you are working or away.

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