Protect Your Pets in Cold Weather

Winter brings temperatures that are below freezing and potential snow days. As you’re preparing your home and family for the upcoming frigid temperatures, don’t forget about your pets. Your pet needs protection from the outside elements. Learn best practices from Woofs & Wags, offering local dog boarding, for protecting your pets in cold weather.

Cold Weather Safety Tips for Your Pet

Limit outdoor play time. Most pets enjoy being outside. Exploring, playing, and walking outside is okay during the winter, but only for short time intervals. Like humans, your pets can get frostbite. An animal’s tail, ears, and paws are the most vulnerable and susceptible to frostbite. If your pet has short fur, put a coat on them before going outside. When the temperature drops, if it’s too cold for you to be outside, it’s too cold for your pet. If you’re traveling during the winter season, consider local dog boarding that offers indoor play time instead of exposing your pets to long periods of time outdoors.

Moisturize your pet’s skin. First, don’t mistake your pet’s fur for its skin. Cold and dry weather damages your furry one’s skin by causing it to dry out, which leads to peeling and cracking. You can help prevent flaky skin by using a supplement that benefits an animal’s coat and skin. Supplements include vitamin A, kelp, wheat germ, zinc, and a variety of other ingredients that are beneficial for your pet’s skin and coat. Also, coconut oil is a natural moisturizer you can use as much or as little as you need.

Hydration is important. Giving your furry friend an adequate supply of water prevents them from dehydrating. You should also avoid overfeeding your pet. Some dogs and cats have an extra layer of fur during the winter. Cold weather can make your pet lazy. Overfeeding your pet causes them to gain weight and become a high risk for developing specific health conditions.

Looking for Local Dog Boarding?

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