Importance of Keeping Your Pet Flea-Free

Pets are vulnerable to parasites, especially fleas. Fleas can transmit diseases, some of which make pets unwell and can even be fatal. Woofs & Wags, dog boarding in Baltimore City, understands the importance of keeping your pets flea-fee. Read on to learn more.

Eliminate Fleas

A flea bite not only makes your flurry companion sick, but also it can be irritating and make your pet miserable. Flea stings are discomforting and itchy. Therefore, use proper medication for prevention, especially if you live in a region that is prone to flea populations. Fleas are drawn to warmth and humidity, and they like low altitudes. Check with your vet or pet store to get an appropriate medication for your pet’s skin. Preventative treatments can be topical (a liquid or gel applied to your pet’s skin), oral, or in the form of a collar worn regularly.

Safeguarding your pets from fleas is bound to enhance their overall well-being. Remember, fleas can be more than just irritating. They can carry the eggs of tapeworms, an internal parasite. Some pets can develop flea allergy dermatitis in which the skin becomes hypersensitive. Too many bites can cause anemia in puppies and kittens. Some pets show few or no symptoms of scratching and itching. Therefore, it’s essential to have them checked regularly and remove them immediately with a flea comb when they appear.

Woofs & Wags Dog Boarding in Baltimore City

Woofs & Wags takes your pets’ health very seriously as we understand how important they are to you. We strive to provide the best “complete pet care experience for our guests.” Our pet boarding experience includes a quality diet, good exercise, and peaceful areas for rest. Our staff offers consistent and frequent monitoring and one on one time with each guest. We also have expert veterinarian support if needed.

Our boarding accommodations are tailored to make the stay of your pet enjoyable and exciting. We also provide pet styling, a puppy pro shop, and doggie day camp. Find out more about our boarding and grooming facility. We are just a phone call away.

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