How to Prevent Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is an extremely contagious respiratory disease. It often occurs where dogs gather, such as boarding facilities, dog daycare, and dog parks. Kennel cough is spread by airborne droplets, contaminated areas, and by direct contact with infected dogs. The good news is that it is treatable. The bad news is that it can be a severe issue in puppies under six months old and in dogs with compromised immune systems.

Avoid Kennel Cough

There are ways to help your dog stay healthy. Protect your dog’s health by following these tips:

Vaccinate your dog. Vaccination is the best way to prevent kennel cough. Wondering, “Are dog kennels near me protected?” Ask! If your dog is boarded often or spends days in dog daycare, find out what their medical requirements are before leaving your pet.

Stay up-to-date with vaccinations. It’s not enough to get the initial vaccine. You must make certain your dog receives a regular booster vaccination. Generally, your dog will need his first booster vaccine about a year after the initial vaccination, and every three years thereafter. This will protect your dog against new kennel cough strains and help reduce your pet’s chances of contracting the disease.

Isolate non vaccinated dogs from other dogs. Since puppies aren’t normally vaccinated against kennel cough before the age of four months, it is crucial that you keep them away from any dogs, other than their mother and members of their litter.

Don’t share. Sharing a water bowl can lead to the spread of kennel cough. When a dog not infected drinks from a community water bowl, he comes in direct contact with any bacteria left from other dogs. It is a good idea not to share water bowls, food dishes, or toys, and to wash these items often in hot, soapy water.

Finding Dog Kennels Near Me

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