Doggie Daycare in Baltimore Offers Swimming Safety Tips

Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs are natural swimmers. Some dogs may be nervous when first introduced to the water. That’s why Woofs & Wags, offering doggie daycare in Baltimore, wants you to learn some important tips to ensure your dog’s safety in or around water this summer.

Doggie Paddle Safety Tips from the Best Doggie Daycare in Baltimore

Your pet’s ability to swim depends on the dog’s body shape. Big chested breeds like bulldogs can have a hard time staying afloat. Also pugs or other dogs with flat faces that are prone to breathing problems can easily become out of breath and fatigued when swimming. Small breads, like Chihuahuas, can be swept away by strong currents or big waves. So, don’t wait to find out if your dog can swim or not on your first beach or lake outing. First, take your dog to a pool where they can touch the bottom.

Start in the Pool

Woofs & Wags, providing doggie daycare in Baltimore, recommends starting your dog’s swim lessons in a shallow pool. It is always helpful to get into the water with your dog, and keep the dog on a leash while he learns. Start at the edge of the water, and when the dog begins to paddle with front legs, lift the hind legs to promote floating.

Take Plenty of Breaks

Once your dog learns to swim, take breaks regularly for safety. Swimming can wear out dogs’ bodies quickly, thus frequent breaks can decrease the chances of accidental drowning. Supervise your dog at all times. Even strong swimmers can get into trouble. Always take notice of your pooch’s energy level.

Supervision is especially important if your dog is swimming in a river or ocean with a lot of movement. So, take note of the current and tide, and check the water temperature. Look for any flags or postings related to potential swimming hazards. Even if water conditions look ideal, always make sure that you pup stays close to shore, so that you have the ability to react quickly should they get into trouble.

For more summer safety tips, talk to the professionals at Woofs & Wags. With more than 25 years of experience in the pet care industry, we offer supervised doggie daycare in Baltimore, professional styling, and overnight accommodations.

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