Car Safety for Pets in All Seasons

There will always be a time when your pets will need to take a ride in the car. It could be to bring them to a kennel before vacation, to bring them on vacation, or just for a fun ride to the store. Whatever the reason, car safety for pets is an important thing to consider in all seasons.

Always Remember Car Safety for Pets

Many people aren’t aware that there are rules and regulations in each state about traveling with pets in your car. Many just open the door and let Fido roam where he may. This is not only a huge distraction for the driver but also very unsafe for the pet should there be an accident. There are several options to make car safety for pets a priority all year long.

If you are transporting a dog in the car you can choose from options like restraints or travel crates. Travel crates are really the best car safety for pets choice if you have the room in your vehicle. It is great to use with dogs or cats and ensures the safety of your pets from many hazards. It allows the animal a place to lay comfortably without being thrown around the car. In the event of an accident, your animal is likely to stay safe while in a crate.

Other car safety for pets options like harness restraints (doggy seatbelts) are effective and space saving. They go on the pet like a typical walking harness and get attached to your car’s seatbelt. This keeps your pet in place in the seat giving enough room to lay down but not enough to roam the back seat. If the car should stop suddenly or become involved in an accident, these harnesses help secure the pet in place reducing the risk of serious injury.

Don’t forget about car safety for pets for your small dogs too! They even have car seat options for tiny furry friends. These are literally little booster seats for your best buddy. They raise the animal up a bit making it possible for them to see. They have a harness inside that works the same as the typical doggy seatbelts. It also works well with feline travelers.

No matter what option you choose, remember how important car safety for pets is! Animals are at risk while traveling in a vehicle even more so than humans. They are completely reliant on owners to make car safety for pets a priority so check out your local pet store today for the current options and safe travels this holiday season!

If you have questions about how to keep your pets safe in any scenario, then contact Woofs and Wags, Baltimore. Get in touch here to learn more about this facility and the services that are provided here.


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