Qualities of a Top Puppy Kennel

Various factors influence the selection of kennel services, and dog owners should always ask questions when researching boarding services. Kennels vary depending on the location, the intended purpose, and the type of dog they are expected to board. Usually, owners of puppies have specific questions that should be answered prior to selecting a puppy kennel, some of which can be found below:

Attributes of a Good Puppy Kennel

  • Kennels should ensure there is sufficient light and provide appropriate ventilation.
  • Puppy kennel facilities should have a clean smell as a result of regular maintenance.
  • The temperature in the boarding facility should be comfortable for the animals.
  • A good puppy kennel will offer protected outdoor exercise secured from extreme heat, rain, wind, and snow.
  • The puppy kennels should also have sufficient indoor space and routine exercise schedules.
  • Resting areas, beds, and board services should be available for comfortable and protected times of rest.
  • Puppies should have separate housing and areas away from other dogs and the cats as necessary.
  • A good puppy kennel will also have additional services for training, grooming, and bathing.

Furthermore, it is essential for owners to inquire about the various factors that are necessary for the safety of their puppies. Relevant questions may include:

  • Is the staff caring and experienced?
  • What vaccinations should the puppy have prior to boarding? For example, a puppy should have a vaccination against Bordetella, which is commonly known as canine kennel cough.
  • What will the feeding and exercise programs be?
  • Can the puppy kennel support special diets?
  • Is a veterinarian on call for any emergency situations?

Contact Woofs & Wags

If you are looking for a puppy kennel in the Baltimore area, contact Woofs & Wags. We have special menu items, grooming services, and added exercise plans to enhance their stay.  With more than 25 years of experience in the pet care industry, we are a team of qualified providers with one goal in mind, your pet’s care. Contact us for details or to arrange a facility tour.

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