Looking for the Best Dog Kennel? Take These Steps

Leaving your pet behind while you go on vacation or a business trip can be emotionally difficult. However, with the help of the best dog kennel in your area, it doesn’t have to be traumatic. Due diligence is the key to finding the best dog kennel, and the following tips can make boarding your dog a good experience for both of you.

How to Find the Best Dog Kennel

First, don’t expect to find the best dog kennel in just a few minutes. You need to be prepared to shop around and visit your potential choices. You won’t be able to get a feel for a kennel without physically walking into it— if you have a bad feeling it’s okay to leave. Narrow down your options by asking your friends and family members for recommendations, and then take facility tours from the top choices. While there, ask about their policies on playtime and crating. Some facilities will allow dogs to play freely throughout the day while others have a scheduled routine. Also review staff credentials so you feel comfortable before leaving your furry family member behind.

Socialize Before Boarding

Kennels are full of all dog sizes, breeds, and temperaments. If your dog hasn’t been socialized then suddenly tossing her or him into the mix can be very stressful and possibly dangerous. Avoid this risk by properly socializing your dog at the dog park. This will help your pet adapt to the play styles of a larger group.

Get Vaccinated

Finally, make sure that your pup’s vaccinations are up-to-date before you book your next kennel stay. All kennels have their own requirements, but most commonly, dogs need to be current on rabies, Bordetella, and distemper. This protects your dog as well as other boarders. Some shots take a few days to be effective, so don’t wait until the last minute to call your vet.

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