Local Dog Kennels: What Are You Looking For?

Unfortunately, there will be a time where you will have to separate from your pets when you’re traveling to a place where you can’t bring them with you. This could either be due to vacation, an unexpected business trip, a visit to a hospital, or perhaps even a honeymoon. These may be times where it may be inconvenient or inappropriate to have a family member or friend visit your home to take care of your dog. This is why you need to identify the best of your local dog kennels right away!

Choosing Between Local Dog Kennels

A dog kennel will offer individualized attention to your dog. If your dog requires medication or a specific diet, a dog kennel service will be aware of these restrictions and ensure that their stay is a low-stress event as possible.

What should you consider when choosing between kennels? Supervised activities. Regardless of the breed, most dogs are going to be active and want to explore their surroundings, especially in temporary lodging. Ensure that your dog will have the opportunity to interact and play with others.

If local, take a tour. A dog kennel facility should have accommodating staff that is open to your questions, inquiries, and potential visits. Asking any questions that you may have will make you feel more comfortable in not only in the facility’s capacity to take care of your dog while you are gone, but also if they are willing to accommodate your dog’s needs. Consider a test run by taking your dog to the kennel facility before leaving them.

Inquire about social services. When looking for a dog kennel service, it’s important to ask about special services like spa treatments, styling, and more. You want a kennel service that can wash and bathe your dog when in need be or for special events.

Finally, make sure that the facility is well-staffed. Proper staff is particularly important if you are leaving your dog for an extended period. Your dog should not be left alone, and it’s essential that the staff person is available in the event of an emergency.

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