Keeping Your Dog Safe at the Beach

Many families want to take their pets with them on vacation, but it may not always be the safest option. Allowing your dog to stay at a dog kennel in Baltimore is often the best choice for peace of mind. However, if you are headed to the beach and plan on taking your dog with you, here a few things to know.

What to Know Before Taking Your Dog to the Beach

Keep the following safety tips in mind to have fun and relax in the sun, surf and sand:

  • Make sure that you provide a shady retreat under a beach umbrella, tree or picnic bench.
  • Bring plenty of fresh, cool water and a doggie bowl and refill as needed.
  • Remember that the sand can be scorching on sensitive paws, so provide a blanket or towel for your dog’s comfort.
  • Take extra caution with English bulldogs, Boston terriers, boxers, pugs, Pekinese and shih tzus, because they overheat more quickly than long-snouted dogs.
  • Watch for signs of overheating in dogs
  • Be aware of trash and make sure your dog doesn’t eat something harmful.

Also, people often assume that all dogs are good swimmers, but that isn’t always the case. There are many dogs who get swept away by the undertow. If you do take your dog with you on vacation, do not let them swim without you by their side.

Dog Kennel in Baltimore

Many people take their pets with them on vacation. Unfortunately, not all dogs are properly vaccinated. This creates a dangerous situation for everyone who comes in contact with the dog. However, in order for dogs to stay in a dog kennel, the owners must provide proof of their vaccination history. When you use a dog kennel you know your pet only encounters dogs that have the necessary vaccinations to ensure health and safety.

So, if you are worried about taking your dog to the beach, consider a dog kennel in Baltimore as another option. Woofs & Wags continually works to provide your pet the best overnight boarding experience possible. All pets require different things to make this happen so let us help you tailor the experience to fit your needs. We have special menu items, grooming services, and added exercise plans to enhance their stay. Contact us for details or to arrange a facility tour.

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