Healthy Treats Your Dog Will Love

It’s easy enough to slip your dog some table scraps, but it’s not always the nutritious, healthy way to go. You want your dog to be in good health and have a long life. The treats you give them can help them enjoy new tastes in a nutritious manner. Read on to learn more from the best dog kennel, Woofs & Wags.

Healthy Treat Options

They say an apple a day helps keep the doctor the day, and they are good for your dog as well. This fruit is a good source of fiber and nutrients, but make sure you give your dog slices without seeds. Strawberries and blueberries are also fruits that are high in vitamin C, which is great for your dog. However, they do have sugar in them so you will want to dole them out in a limited amount.

Watermelon can be a great hydration tool for dogs on a hot day. You will want to take the seeds out, so your dog doesn’t choke or ingest too many. Most dogs love bananas, and they have tons of nutrients as well. Since they have sugar in them, like strawberries, they should be enjoyed in small bits.

As far as vegetables, broccoli is packed with healthy items for humans and dogs alike. Broccoli provides fiber and vitamin C, and it’s low in fat. Cooked broccoli is often easier on the dog’s stomach, but raw can work, too. Green beans can also be enjoyed raw or cooked. However, it’s best to keep them plain without seasoning when giving to your dog.

Taking Treats to the Dog Kennel

When you leave for vacation and place your pet in a dog kennel, you can request certain snacks and treats you know they enjoy. Woofs & Wags continually works to provide your pet the best overnight boarding experience possible. All pets require different things to make this happen, so let us help you tailor the experience to fit your needs. We have special menu items, grooming services, and added exercise plans to enhance their stay. Contact us for details or to arrange a facility tour.

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