Dog Kennels in Maryland: Finding the Right Match for Your Dog

Accommodations for pets have changed drastically in recent years. Americans love their fur babies, and dog kennels in Maryland are steadily keeping up with these changes. You’ll find that you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a proper place to board your pooch. There are several factors to consider that might narrow your list down a bit. Here are our tips for finding the right match for your dog.

Traditional Kennels

Housing your furry-friends while you’re away can leave both owners and pets with anxiety and uncertainty. No two dogs are alike, so it’s important to pay attention to your dog’s habits and sociability. Traditional kennels are well suited to most dogs. A traditional dog kennel in Maryland often has both indoor and outdoor space. Private crates for sleeping and adequate exercise are provided by staff. A traditional kennel setting is just fine for a healthy dog who doesn’t mind hanging out with other dogs.

Non-traditional Kennels

Modern non-traditional kennels are offering a new take on pet boarding. Many facilities are indoor playhouses with no crates to be seen and plenty of doting staff. These options are an especially excellent choice for energetic pups, social dogs, and those who’ve not been crate trained. This type of facility can be a poor choice for very nervous dogs, however.

Special Considerations

If your dog keeps to herself and doesn’t get along with others well are things you will need to take into consideration. A private kennel can be an excellent choice for dogs that need to be watched more closely or need more attentive staff members. A kennel such as this is suitable for elderly dogs and dogs with health conditions that need to be monitored. If your pet needs a lot of medical attention, you should talk with your vet to see if boarding options are available.

Of course if you’ll spare no expense for your precious pet, you could always opt for a luxury pet resort. These fancy pet hotels offer heated swimming pools and canine massages. The low ratio of staff-to-pooch means that Fido will get ample love and cuddles while you’re away.

Dog Kennels in Maryland

It’s a good idea to visit prospective kennels beforehand to ensure the safety of your animal and to secure your own peace of mind. Check for signs of nervousness or aggression in other dogs. Always make sure the staff is attentive, and the facility is clean. If you are looking for dog kennels in Maryland, then contact Woofs and Wags. Get in touch to learn more about this facility and the services provided.

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