Dog Kennels in Maryland: Do Your Research

For dog owners, it is essential to find the best dog kennels in Maryland before boarding their pets. Owners should research several options for kennel services before committing to one.

Sorting Through the Dog Kennels in Maryland to Find the Best

Here are some of the ways dog owners can research and find suitable dog kennels in Maryland:

  • Recommendations from friends. First of all, talk to your friends who have boarded their pets. Dog owners can obtain knowledge from friends who have already used kennel services. Find out if it was a good or bad experience for the dog. Get a reliable opinion from someone you trust.
  • Review of services. Pet owners should get information on what types of services a kennel provides for its boarders. Does the kennel offer options to accommodate various pets’ needs? Is the kennel willing to work with you to personalize services? An owner should always contact the kennel and ask the necessary questions.
  • Testimonials from clients. Certainly kennel owners in Maryland aim to please. Testimonials from recent clients can sometimes be found on a business’s web site. From the testimonies, dog owners can learn about the experience of other customers, any challenges they faced during their dogs’ stay and how they were handled if they existed, and the benefits or drawbacks of the boarding facility.
  • Kennel visitation. Above all, dog owners should personally visit the service providers for a firsthand observation. By visiting in person, owners are able to observe the overall facility, daily activities, and determine the quality of care their pet will receive. Owners should speak with the staff and make sure that their dogs’ needs will be met.

Contact Woofs & Wags

If you are looking for one of the best dog kennels in Maryland, contact Woofs & Wags Pet Lodge. Woofs & Wags continually works to provide your pet the best overnight boarding experience possible. All pets require different things to make this happen so let us help you tailor the experience to fit your needs. With more than 25 years of experience in the pet care industry, we are a team of qualified providers with one goal in mind, your pet’s care. Our pet boarding experience includes a quality diet, good exercise, peaceful areas for rest, consistent and frequent monitoring, one on one time with each guest, expert veterinarian support if needed, and a passion for animals.

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