Crate Training for Puppies and Dogs

Crates can be a valuable tool for dogs. You may not want your new puppy or adopted dog running around your house when you are away. However, not every dog is going to think a crate a natural place to go. Thus, training is important. Puppy daycare professionals, like Woofs & Wags, can help teach you a method. Read on to learn more.

How to Crate Train Your Dog

When you want to crate train your dog or puppy, you will want any interaction they have with their crate to be a positive one. If they go in their crate, then they get a treat. When they come out, they get love and attention from you. At first, their time in the crate should only be a few minutes, but you can build it up from there.

Teach your dog to walk into the confinement area and lie down as default behavior in this area. The dog should be taught to stay in the down position while you walk away. The dog should also “stay” when you open the door to let them out. If your dog is crying, circling, or jumping and you let them out of confinement, your dog will develop confinement distress.¬†Train your dog to be comfortable in the confinement area while you are still at home. Then, work up to the duration of time you would ultimately need to be away. For example, if your dog would need to stay in the crate for 3 hours, work with your dog while you are home to be comfortable for 3 hours before leaving the dog alone.

You will want the crate to be comfortable for them. Make sure it is large enough so they can stand up and turn around. Place a comfortable pillow or blanket inside as well as a bowl of water and perhaps a toy or two. Hard crates are usually preferred since they are durable and harder to escape. However, you may want to consult with the professionals as to what size you need. If you have a puppy, the dog will grow, and you might want them to have the same crate for the duration.

Puppy Daycare

In addition to the use of crates while you are away, puppy daycare is an alternative solution. Woofs & Wags is conveniently located in the Brewers Hill/Highlandtown area of Baltimore City. Our modern 5,000 sq ft facility is a great place to care for pet boarding while you are away or busy during the day. We offer a variety of services performed by our experienced group of pet care professionals. Contact us today!

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