Book a Dog Hotel Near Me: It’s the Start of the Summer Season!

It’s Memorial Day and the official start of the summer season! Have you planned your vacation and booked your hotel? Are you now thinking “Should I book a dog hotel near me?” to assure that your pet has a great vacation, too? There are some occasions when having your canine traveling with you may be inconvenient or not allowed. Boarding your dog at a local dog hotel during your time away may be the best option.

Dog Hotel Near Me

As you plan your next vacation, you should also conduct a preliminary survey on local dog care facilities near you. What type of accommodations will work best for you dog? How much does a stay cost? What type of services are provided or optional? Can you schedule a tour of the facilities before you board your dog? Is there an exercise area? Questions you research when selecting your hotel may apply to your dog’s hotel too. Notably, you will need to identify a favorable environment where your pet will be treated well.

Love and Attention

At a dog hotel, caregivers are professionals. They allocate a sizable amount of time for love, care, and play for all pets. Accordingly, they ensure the animals are happy and receive necessary socialization every day during their stay. Dog boarding facilities typically have one staff member for every 10 dogs, thus assuring that your dog gets the attention it needs. Should any emergencies arise, ask if there is a vet on staff or on call, and make sure they will contact you before making any serious decisions.

Routine and Nutrition

A dog hotel should maintain your dog’s already established routine. Be sure to communicate your dog’s preferences and feeding and play schedules at drop off. You should provide your dog’s preferred food and treats to help your pet adjust to a new environment. Leave instructions for any known health issues or allergies. Make sure the caregivers supply adequate clean water to ensure your pet stays hydrated during the warmer summer months.

With qualified personnel and preferential treatment, your dog’s hotel stay can be a vacation for your pet too. If you are in the Baltimore area and need to book a dog hotel near you, then contact Woofs and Wags. Get in touch to learn more about this facility and the services provided.


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