Benefits of Socializing Your Dog

While your dog may be comfortable around you, it’s also important that your pet is comfortable with strange dogs and strange people too. Socializing your dog can make him healthier and happier. Learn more from Woofs & Wags dog kennel in Baltimore.

The Benefits of Socializing Your Dog

Dogs are naturally social creatures; they want to interact with others. Owners should avoid locking their dog in crates for long periods of time as it can be detrimental to a pet’s well-being. Instead, make it a priority to socialize your dog. Dog socializing is when you expose your pet to new sounds, people, experiences, places, and animals.

To socialize your dog, you need to take your pet outside regularly. When outside, your dog receives exercise, playtime, and exposure to new things. Additionally, a dog will need to behave on a walk or when at a dog park, thus it learns acceptable, socialized behavior. Owners with unsocialized dogs tend to feel that they can only take their dogs out on short, secluded walks.

The top reasons for socializing your dog, include

  • Less fear and anxiety: Dogs fear things that are new to them, including new sounds, experiences, and interactions. Properly socialized dogs will have been exposed to more experiences and will be less likely to feel fear and anxiety in their daily lives. This makes for a happier pet and a dog that barks less frequently.
  • Easier to groom: Proper grooming is essential for a dog’s health. However, unsocialized dogs can be tough to groom. They don’t like new people and will be scared every time they get dropped off. A dog that resists grooming puts both the groomer and the animal in danger.
  • Less likely to run away: Dogs that run away from home are typically anxious and haven’t been completely socialized. When a nervous dog has an experience that is new, its gut reaction can be to bolt. No owner wants to lose a pet, so it’s essential to socialize them and reduce this risk.

Woofs & Wags: Top Dog Kennel in Baltimore

If you’re looking for a quality, trusted dog kennel in Baltimore, Woofs & Wags Pet Lodge is the top choice. We offer doggie day camp with supervised activities. Camp WW is for all those active canines out there that need a social outlet during the day instead of sitting home staring at the door waiting for the family to come home. We try to keep your dogs entertained throughout the day with social interaction and play in this dog day care program. Contact Woofs & Wags today for more information.

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