Winter Weather Tips for Dog Grooming in Baltimore City

During the winter months, one may wonder if dog grooming in Baltimore City or other colder regions is necessary. Owners might allow their dogs’ fur to grow as much as possible to help keep them warm this winter season. This is a misconception as thick coats are a source of discomfort, pain, and hot spots. As such, dog grooming in Baltimore City should not stop in winter!

Dog Grooming During the Winter Months

Here are a few tips to ensure your dog’s coat is healthy during winter.

Bathing, Brushing, and Flea Control

A clean dog is a happier and healthier dog. Regular bathing and brushing are vital in maintaining skin and coat health. Allocate at least a hundred strokes a day to brush your dog’s coat while focusing on one area of their body, like the leg, back, or chest. Similarly, adopt healthy and effective flea control methods for your dog.

Paw Protection

Snow, ice, mud, and rain spell disaster for your canine’s paws. Giving pooch pedicures to keep your dog’s feet in tip-top shape is vital during winter. Regularly rinse your dog’s paws in warm water to remove salt, ice, and gravel. Similarly, cut any hair growing in between your dog’s paw pads to prevent forming painful “foot snowballs”. Long nails on your dog should also be trimmed. Ensure your dog has booties or baby socks to protect paws from frozen ice and snow.

Winter Haircuts

House dogs do not really need thick coats during the winter season. Giving your dog a winter haircut is actually beneficial to you and the dog. It reduces the amount of hair on your carpets, and your dog becomes more comfortable. If you are concerned about your dog’s warmth when outside, consider a longer trim or a doggie sweater.

Dog Grooming in Baltimore City

Keep your dog well groomed this winter season. At Woofs and Wags, we offer affordable dog grooming services in Baltimore City. Our qualified staff is experienced in taking care of all breeds and sizes of dogs.¬†With 50 years combined experience in the industry, our staff can assist you in your pet’s coat care. Contact us today!

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