Summer Pet Grooming in Baltimore

Summer weather is still in full swing in Baltimore. Is your pet properly groomed for the weather? Although you should never shave your dog because fur actually protects him from UV rays, a grooming session is essential. If you are looking for pet grooming in Baltimore, Woofs & Wags can assist you.

Why Pet Grooming is Important in All Seasons

Pet grooming is important throughout the year. It affects your pet’s health and how he reacts to the temperature. During winter, your dog’s coat provides insulation. Consequently, it has the opposite effect during summer.

Dog breeds such as Bernese Mountain Dogs, Saint Bernards, Poodles, Labradoodles, and Newfoundlands have thick coats, so it is essential that they are groomed in the summer to keep them cool. Other dog breeds such as Pomeranians and Shih Tzus will always benefit from a frequent trim. However, they do not have thick winter coats that become excessive during the summer.

At Home Care

There are certain parts of grooming that can be done at home. You can brush your dog’s coat to prevent tangles and knots. Brushing helps to remove excess undercoat which will allow air to circulate and relieve moisture. The pavement is especially hot during summer, so you can apply a balm to protect their paw pads from the sidewalk. Use nail trimmers to cut off the tip of the nail at a 45-degree angle to prevent them from breaking. Most important, keep your dog hydrated during summer. Like humans, dogs are made up of 80% water. Always replenish your pet’s water bowl and provide ice chips or allow them to run through a sprinkler.

Pet Grooming in Baltimore

Woofs & Wags offers a variety of services performed by our experienced group of pet care professionals. Your pet’s needs are our top priority. Whether your pet needs a “crew cut” for the summer, a bath and brush with styling, or coat conditioning, our Pet Stylists have you covered. With 50 years combined experience in the industry our staff can assist you in your pets’ coat care.

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