Puppy Grooming Tips for the Fall

Puppies love playing outdoors. Nothing beats the warm sun and cool grassy fields. However, dry weather and allergies can take a toll on your pet. Therefore, consider these Fall puppy grooming tips.

Puppy Grooming Tips

To start, an important part of puppy grooming includes checking out the health of your pup’s paws. It is not uncommon for a dog’s paws to get cracked and chapped after too many long summer days. If you see a visible crack, then you will need more than dog grooming to help them through it. At this point, you should use some antibiotic ointment and see a vet. However, if their paws are just chapped, then some soft ointment or Vaseline should do the trick.

Another thing to be cautious of during dog grooming in the fall months are allergies. Fall is a big allergy season. Your puppy can suffer from seasonal allergies, so you may want to shift to a hypoallergenic shampoo. Keep in mind that any persistent skin rashes should be examined by a vet. There are many potential reasons for your dog’s itchy skin. In some cases, the cause is obvious, such as when a dog has a severe flea infestation. In others, pinning down the problem may take some time and sleuthing. Once you and your vet get to the root of the problem, you can develop a treatment plan so your dog will be comfortable again.

Fall is also a great time to use some time-tested dog grooming techniques to restore shine to your dog’s fur coat. The summer sun can often fry a dog’s hair or leave the color faded. A professional dog grooming service will have the products necessary to help reverse the damage. Usually, a strong color shampoo or conditioner can help breathe new life into a faded fur coat. There are also sprays that can be used to help add a bit of shine back into your dog’s fur.

Woofs & Wags

Looking for a local dog groomer or pet boarding? Contact Woofs & Wags. With more than 25 years of experience in the pet care industry, an American Kennel Club recognized Breeder of Merit and a Breeder/Exhibitor of many Champions, Kennel Manager Shawn Fuller, along with co-owner Paul Chrzanowski, have formed a team of qualified providers with one goal in mind, your pet’s care. This is something we take very seriously as we understand how important they are to you. We strive to provide the best “complete pet care experience for our guests.” Our pet boarding experience includes a quality diet, good exercise, peaceful areas for rest, consistent and frequent monitoring, one on one time with each guest, expert veterinarian support if needed, and a passion for animals.

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