Pet Grooming Tips to Keep Them Happy and Clean

Grooming your pet is more than just a good brushing. Proper grooming improves your animal’s health and the bond between the two of you. While there are some services that only a professional should handle, many pet grooming tasks can be completed at home. Take a look through some of the following pet grooming tips so that you know your animal is getting the best care possible.

General Pet Grooming Tips


When bathing your animal (yes, even cats occasionally need help), always use warm water, even in summer. Test the temperature of the water against your wrist: the water should feel slightly cooler than your skin. Always use shampoo appropriate for your pet, including age and type (ferrets, for instance, should have specialized shampoo).

Gently massage the shampoo into your pet. Make sure to keep the soap out of the animal’s eyes, nose, and mouth and rinse thoroughly. When you’re shampooing your animal, pay close attention to the condition of their skin under the fur. This is a great opportunity to check for lumps, bumps, and even hiding insects like ticks.

Teeth and nails

Many animals can have their nails trimmed by their owners. If you’ve never done this before, your vet can show you how. Always make sure that the clippers are sharp, as dull tools can cause injury. Take your time, and allow your pet to become comfortable and relaxed. Give them treats or a relaxing rub down. If your pet is overly frisky during nail trimming, then have this completed by a professional.

Your pet may not brush and floss like you, but don’t neglect their oral health. Dogs have special chews that can help remove plaque, and even cats can have their teeth brushed. Although some animals will tolerate at-home teeth brushing, others may object. Consult with your vet for the best oral care for your specific animal.


You can trim your dog’s hair easily at home with dog trimmers. Use ones designed for pets, versus human clippers. Cats may object to being trimmed; however, if you have an outdoor animal with exceptionally thick fur, you may wish to trim your cats in the summer. Specialty trims should be left to the professionals unless you have a steady hand and calm pet.

When grooming your pet at home, always take your cues from the animal. If they are distressed or uncomfortable, give them hugs and love, and try again at a different time, when your pet is more receptive to beauty treatment.

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