Pet Grooming and Nutrition for a Healthy Coat

Dogs and cats require a healthy diet, exercise, and proper grooming to promote a healthy coat. Read on to learn more about nutrition and pet grooming in Baltimore from the professional groomers at Woofs and Wags Pet Lodge.

Your Pet’s Coat

The appearance of a dog’s coat reflects its overall health. It should be glossy and shiny. Some dogs require more effort to keep their coats looking fabulous. A nice bath and daily brushing can do the trick for some dogs. While other dogs require regular visits to a groomer. Since each dog is different, you should purchase grooming products that fit your dog’s individual needs. Purchasing the proper dog brush can make a tremendous difference in your dog’s coat. Also, if your dog’s fur tangles easily, it’s a good idea to invest in shampoos and conditioners that help with managing matted fur. Conditioners and shampoos for human use should not be used for dogs as they can irritate their skin.

A cat that has a shiny coat is a healthy cat. A cat’s coat provides sensory data and protects against wind, rain, and the cold to some extent. Your cat’s coat also helps manufacture vital nutrients. Although cats groom themselves, you can help ensure a healthy, well-maintained coat by using a cat brush that helps remove tangled fur, dirt, and debris. You can also purchase a cat brush that helps remove loose hair.

Your Pet’s Nutrition

Dogs who have a poor diet can have a less-than-desirable coat. Dogs require certain nutrients to maintain a healthy coat and for their overall health. Your furry friend has daily nutrition requirements that you should not ignore. Essential fatty acids are essential for your dog’s overall well-being. If you prefer not to switch your dog’s food to a different brand, you can use different supplements as an alternative. Like humans, dogs require Omega-3 fatty acids to survive.

Cats require more protein than dogs, and they need a diet that consists of mostly meat and meat organs. The type of food you give your cat depends on its age, breed, and overall health. Many premium brand foods provide the necessary nutrients and ingredients for a proper diet and a healthy coat. Cats who eat only dry food need more water than cats who consume wet cat food.

Pet Grooming in Baltimore

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