New Year, New Look: Give Your Dog a Stylish Look with Professional Grooming Services

If you have a pet, he or she can benefit from getting a new look. In fact, our local dog groomers can improve your dog’s appearance, for better happiness and health. Read on to learn about dog grooming options, the benefits of grooming, and more.

Your Pet Can Look Like a Brand New Pup

Just like humans, a fresh cut and style can make your pet look like a brand-new pup. Not only this, but he can feel cleaner. This may even boost his mood and energy, so he can enjoy life more. Some hairstyles you and your dog might like include a top knot, poodle cut, or a crew cut. Our local dog groomers offer affordable dog boarding services to fit your pet’s unique needs.

Cleaning Where it Counts

Professional groomers do everything from bathing to shaving. At a typical grooming appointment, your dog will be bathed, dried, brushed, and clipped or trimmed. Groomers can check for signs of infection in the ears and brush your dog’s teeth. Making brushing a regular habit decreases plaque buildup. This can prevent your pet from getting periodontal disease. Although some dogs don’t enjoy teeth brushing, others love it.

Health Benefits of Professional Grooming

While you could groom your pet on your own, our local dog groomers have plenty of knowledge and experience to share. Indeed, having a professional do this job can be worth the cost because this can help you avoid frustration. Consider a few health benefits:

  • Professionals know the correct brushes to use for removing dead hair. This encourages new growth for a healthier coat.
  • Grooming allows professionals to detect skin problems, lumps, and bumps to prevent future conditions.
  • A professional can trim the nails so your pet is less likely to have painful posture and nail tears.
  • A groomer can detangle the coat so it doesn’t become matted and harm the skin.
  • A groomer can give your pet regular baths to clean away dirt. This decreases the likelihood of skin irritations.
  • Professional grooming improves smell, coat luster and health, and overall hygiene.

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