Local Dog Groomers’ Tips to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Healthy

Your dog is much more than a pet. As part of your family, you want your dog to look and feel his best. According to local dog groomers, a dog’s coat holds many keys to his overall health. Keeping your dog’s coat in good shape involves more than just bathing and brushing.

Provide a Healthy Diet

Dog fur, composed largely of protein, can begin to have a dull appearance or become fragile if your dog is not receiving the proper nutrition. By providing a balanced diet rich in protein and amino acid, your dog’s coat will have the building blocks to create a thick, shiny coat. Research brands of dog food and look for the best choice for your dog’s breed. Remember to check for proper portioning, to make certain he is getting enough without being overfed. Speak to your vet to see if supplements are necessary to optimize your pet’s overall good health.

Shampoo Regularly

Your dog’s fur can become a home for many unwanted pests. Fleas, ticks, and other parasites are drawn to fur, especially if it is not regularly washed. These parasites can lead to more than just discomfort and irritation for your dog. The risk of infection is increased the longer they remain. Shampooing gives you a perfect opportunity to get close to your dog’s coat so you can see what’s really going on. This will help you stay on top of any pest situation and keep your dog’s fur in good condition.

Consider your dog’s hair and skin type. As with shampoo for humans, there are many types available, each designed to take care of a specific condition. Make certain that dogs with dry skin are receiving the right amount of moisturizing ingredients, so they don’t have itchy, flaky skin.

Brush Daily

Local dog groomers agree that regular brushing helps maintain your dog’s coat and helps his circulation. Brushing removes the dead cells that dull your pet’s coat. Brush in both the direction of growth and against the growth for the best results.

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