Local Dog Groomers Have This in Common

Dog grooming ensures that your furry friend looks and feels healthy and happy. However, not every dog groomer can successfully carry out what you had in mind, or what’s best for your pet. Finding great local dog groomers can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Here are some qualifications for you to seek out while searching for a great local groomer.

Qualifications of Great Local Dog Groomers


Some dog groomings can take quite a long time to complete, depending on the breed of the dog and what needs to be done. Great local dog groomers will not only understand this, but will also demonstrate patience while treating your dog. If a groomer is getting frustrated with your pet because of the time taken for the job, it might be time to look for a new groomer.

Attention to Detail

Dog groomers are similar to hair stylists for humans in that the cuts require precise scissor work, layering, and ‘artistic’ ability. Easily getting distracted, missing a few spots, or making a cut in the wrong place can ultimately ruin the final result. Great local dog groomers often have experience with completing complex trims and some even have certifications. Dog groomers sometimes keep portfolios of the work they have completed, so don’t be afraid to ask for picture proof!

Knowledge of Dog Health

Dog groomers exist not only to enhance your dog’s appearance, but also to maintain their health. By using a dog groomer that has a basic knowledge of dog anatomy and health, the groomer can help to identify potential health issues such as infections, parasites, and skin irritations. The more that the groomer knows about these issues, the more likely they are to identify them. A basic knowledge of dog health is a qualification that all great dog groomers should have.

Knowledge of Handling Temperamental Dogs

Not all dogs are calm when being handled by strangers. Since the groomer will be using sharp tools, it is essential that they understand how to properly handle an uncomfortable dog. A great local dog groomer will understand how to work with a temperamental dog regardless of the dog’s behavior.

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