Local Dog Groomers’ Advice: Dog Baths

You feed your dog. You walk your dog. But do you regularly wash your dog? Caring for your pet includes giving your dog a regular bath. So how often should this be done? Local dog groomers have advice. Read on to learn more.

Local Dog Groomers’ Advice on Bath Time

How often dogs need to be bathed depends on their breed, their activity level, and what they are exposed to. For example, a dog will need to be washed more often if he regularly rolls around in your backyard. Also, some dogs have oily skin that makes the dog stink within a shorter period of time. In contrast, certain dogs have drier skin and should not be regularly shampooed. Ultimately, all dogs are going to need baths at some point.

First, choose a good shampoo. There are lots of different dog shampoos, and you will want something that will be gentle on your dog’s fur and skin. You can also purchase shampoo to rid of flea and ticks and other unwanted pests. This should only be used on occasion.

Use warm water. You want to make sure the bath is as pleasant as possible for your dog, so he won’t mind it next time. Use warm water, not hot or cold, and rinse the shampoo from them thoroughly. Don’t forget a reward, both as you go through the process, and at the end. During the bath, talk to your pet in a happy voice, and tell them how well they are doing. Once the dog is clean, towel him dry to remove any excess water.

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