How to Help Your Cat with Grooming

If you have ever been around a cat, you have probably watched it groom itself with its teeth and tongue. However, cats that explore outside (or get a bit too adventurous inside) can often get into messes that their tongue is no match for. In this case, you might find yourself searching for cat grooming near me on Google. Read on to learn more about how to help your cat with grooming.

Cat Grooming Tips

There are several cat grooming tasks that you can complete on your own simply by making it a point to inspect the overall health of your kitty. To start, you should attempt to brush your cat at least once or twice a week to keep dead hair off your cat and help the skin breathe. If you notice any skin issues, then you should schedule a visit to the vet. Bald patches are another sign that it is time for the vet.

You also want to check your cat’s paws and ears at least once weekly. Cleaning a pet’s ears is very important and helps reduce ear infections. If you struggle to clean your pet’s ears, you might look for cat grooming near me online and then ask for tips after the session.

It is no secret that cats hate baths. Anyone who has ever fought to get a cat into the bathtub probably has come away with a few battle wounds. This is one reason why it might be a good idea to trim your cat’s claws before you attempt bath time. Then, carefully place your cat in the bath and use a spray hose to wet the cat down before washing it with shampoo. Ensure you rinse all shampoo off to avoid irritation and that the water you use is lukewarm. If you make it to this step, bravo. If your cat is highly resistant and you are afraid of injury, then it may be time to look for a groomer.

Woofs & Wags: Cat Grooming Near Me

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