Dog Nutrition for a Shiny Coat

Like any other pet, dogs require a nutritious diet. A sign that your dog’s nutrition is on the right track is a shiny, full coat. If you’re unsure if your dog’s coat is sufficiently healthy, you can consult with your dog groomer at your next appointment.

Dogs Require a Nutritious Diet

A nutritious diet is vital to every aspect of your dog’s life. A balanced diet will mean your dog’s skin and fur, always look healthy. On the other hand, a lacking diet can result in hair loss and itchy, flaky skin. This is aesthetically unappealing, giving your dog the appearance of being sick and unkempt. Additionally, your dog may scratch their itchy skin, hurting themselves and causing scabs.

How to Choose Healthy Dog Food

Choosing nutritious dog food isn’t complicated. It’s recommended you look for healthy essential fats and oils. Specifically, dog food that is high in Omega-6 fats is guaranteed to result in a shinier coat for your dog. And food that is high in Omega-3 fats will help resolve any dry skin issues. Lastly, dog food high in Vitamin A is also helpful to resolve any skin issues in dogs.

If you think your dog’s coat is lackluster, you can ask your groomer the next time you visit. Woofs & Wags offers dog grooming in Baltimore and is happy to provide insight into your dog’s skin and coat health. If you notice a sudden loss of hair or emergence of skin issues, it can be a sign of serious health issues. Consult with your vet as quickly as possible to ensure your dog isn’t sick.

Dog Grooming in Baltimore: Woofs and Wags

If you’re looking for dog grooming in Baltimore, Woofs & Wags is the top choice. Woofs & Wags provides supervised dog day care, overnight dog boarding, and grooming services. The boarding experience at Woofs & Wags is all-inclusive. Pets receive constant monitoring, exercise, a quality diet, and vet support if needed. Contact Woofs & Wags today.

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