Treat Your Pup to Doggie Daycare in Baltimore City

Dogs need attention and sometimes you just cannot give it to them on demand. If your pup is alone the majority of the day, doggie daycare in Baltimore City is the solution.

The Benefits of Pet Daycare

When dogs are lonely or bored, they tend to bark excessively or destroy your shoes or furniture. Not all owners leave their dog crated. If you haven’t established good house habits, dogs may engage in destructive behaviors when alone. At doggie daycare, your dog will not have a chance to be bored because it will socialize with other dogs and employees. Dogs need proper exercise and laying in the house all day does not do it for them. In daycare, dogs are entertained throughout the day with lots of interaction and play.

Dogs are social creatures, and they need to behave properly. In daycare, they can be taught the following:

  • Not to jump on other people
  • How to be more gentle around kids
  • How to interact in a less aggressive way with other dogs

Woofs & Wags: Doggie Daycare in Baltimore City

At camp Woofs & Wags, we offer supervised K9 activities for your pet. Camp WW is for all those active canines out there that need a social outlet during the day instead of sitting home staring at the door waiting for their family to come home. We try to keep them entertained throughout the day with social interaction and play in this dog day care program. They get a break from 12-2 so we can catch our breath and tend to other guests. Then it’s back to play until pick-up time. Camp is available Monday thru Saturday.

At Woofs & Wags, we will offer your pet exercise, peaceful areas for rest, frequent monitoring, and one on one time. We also offer pet grooming and overnight dog and cat accommodations. For more information about our services, contact us today!

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