Three Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog

You buy organic dog treats, serve up fresh dog food every day, and walk your dog regularly. But are you giving your dog the emotional support he needs to stay healthy? A lot of pet owners do a lot of research when it comes to food and exercise, but don’t think about how to emotionally support their pet. Luckily, teaching your dog a few tricks and enrolling them in dog day care in Baltimore, Maryland can easily help you support their emotional health. Read on to learn more.

Three Easy Tricks to Sharpen Your Dog’s Brain

It turns out you can teach a dog new tricks. Doing so is actually great for your dog’s brain. In addition to attending dog day care in Baltimore, teaching your pup some new tricks is the best way to stimulate him. To start, you can teach your dog to kiss which is always a crowd-pleaser. Place a small treat on your cheek and add the word kiss. Over time your dog will learn to kiss on cue which can also reduce licking.

Another easy trick is the speak command. Not only is it fun to show off this trick, but it also helps you put an end to excessive barking, since your pet will usually learn along the way only to bark when you request him to do so. Finally, you can usually teach a dog to shake in just a few days if you practice heavily enough. Dogs inherently like to use their paws and will likely love the simple reward of a dog treat for offering a paw.

Benefits of Dog Day Care in Baltimore Maryland

While learning tricks helps your dog feel valued, long days at home by themselves can be depressing. Dog day care, like that offered at Woofs & Wags, can solve this problem. Consistent socialization helps a dog properly develop as he grows and reduces bad behavior caused by stress or separation anxiety. At the same time, it gives you peace of mind that your dog is safe during the day. If you are ready to create a new comforting routine for your cherished pup, contact Woof & Wags to find out about our stellar doggy day care program in Baltimore.

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