Signs Your Dog Isn’t Getting Enough Exercise

Dogs need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation on a daily basis. That’s part of what makes them such fun companions: they’re active and playful. However, if they don’t get the exercise and stimulation that they need, both their health and their behavior can suffer. And that behavior can get both disruptive and destructive. If you’re noticing the signs that your dog isn’t getting enough exercise and stimulation then it may be time to consider daycare for dogs. There are several signs to look out for.


One of the first signs that your dog isn’t getting enough exercise or stimulation is restlessness. This can involve a lot of pacing or running around, or constantly asking to go outside. It can also involve more subtle things, like trying to get your attention more often than usual.

Withdrawal and Depression

Oddly enough, another sign is exactly the opposite of restlessness: withdrawal and depression. Although you may just think that your canine companion is tired or lazy, withdrawal is actually something more. If your dog isn’t interested in things that they’re normally interested in, if they don’t show many signs of happiness, then they’re not just tired. They’re feeling down. And one possible reason is that the lack of stimulation has them depressed.

Weight Gain

If your dog has started putting on the pounds recently but isn’t eating any more than usual, they’re probably not getting enough exercise.

Excessive Barking

This one’s related to restlessness. If your dog’s barking more than usual then something is upsetting them. If you can’t see any reason why, it could be a sign of agitation coming from a lack of exercise and stimulation.

Destroying Stuff

This one is a sure sign that something’s wrong. If your dog has started destroying your furniture and personal items then they are most likely screaming that they’re upset and that you need to pay attention and help. One common reason for this is, you guessed it, a lack of exercise and stimulation.

Daycare for Dogs

Daycare for dogs can help. If you’re regularly away, at work or elsewhere, a professional doggie day care could be just what you need. Your canine friend can get all the exercise and stimulation they need while you’re away, leaving them happier and healthier at home. Contact us at Woofs & Wags today to learn more!

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