Pet Daycare Benefits for Your Pup

Some people may think of pet daycare as a last resort when you can’t be with your dog. However, it actually has a lot of benefits for animals! Read on to learn more. And, if you need pet daycare in Baltimore, MD, look no further. Woofs & Wags is full of experienced pet care professionals ready to entertain and care for your pup.

The Benefits of Pet Daycare

Mental stimulation is vital to your dog’s health. If your dog bored at home, he is more likely to engage in destructive behavior. This means your dog might find alternate means of entertainment like chewing furniture and shoes. At pet daycare, your pup is entertained and provided with the mental stimulation they need. It also provides a routine that pups love since they are creatures of habit. While uncertainty causes stress, consistent walks, feeding times, exercise, and naps provide your pup with the certainty.

Additionally, playful pups require supervision to ensure safety. That means no pup is physically dominated by a larger, stronger dog. Sadly, during trips to a dog park, most owners are scrolling through their phones and don’t know how to read another dog’s body language. At pet daycare, safety is the number one concern. There’s a minimum of two attendants per playgroup who are schooled in dog behavior and body language and can take action before something dangerous happens. The goal is for the pets to have fun without getting hurt.

Looking for Professional Pet Daycare?

Woofs & Wags has over 25 years of experience in the pet care industry. Our facility is a great place to send your pup when you go on vacation or are busy during the day. Aside from pet daycare, our other services include overnight dog and cat accommodations and professional pet styling. We also offer special care options so if your pup needs medications, has a special diet, or wants more one-on-one time, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Click here to get in touch with us today!

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