Pet Anxiety? Consider Doggy Day Care

Does your four-legged friend get anxious when you have to leave for work or are away for the day running errands? What can you do to help your dog deal with separation? Doggy day care can help! Learn more from Woofs and Wags Pet Lodge.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

There are a number of things that can cause your dog to have separation anxiety, including:

  1. Your dog may not have received the same love and attention in its previous home.
  2. If your pup was taken from its litter too soon, it may feel anxious when alone.
  3. Anxiety can also occur if your dog lacked proper socialization as a pup.
  4. Changes in routine, such as your new work schedule, new home, or new addition to the family, can cause anxiety.

Fortunately, you have an option. Doggy day care can help alleviate anxiety in your dog and give you peace of mind that your dog is having fun in a safe environment. Doggy day care provides a routine, socialization, and exercise. When you use doggy day care consistently, it provides much-needed routine for your dog. This will help your dog develop better coping skills and alleviate separation anxiety. In addition, doggy day care provides your dog with much needed socialization through the day with other dogs and humans. Playing in a safe, controlled environment allows your dog to get to know others and feel less alone and anxious. Finally, we all know exercise if important for dogs. However, if you are away all day, your pup may not be getting enough exercise. Doggy day care allows your dog to exercise and get rid of excess energy in a safe environment. Exercise helps relieve anxiety in your dog by releasing feel good chemicals in your pup’s system.

Woofs & Wags: Doggy Day Care

Woofs and Wags Pet Lodge provides dogs with a safe and fun doggy day care. We try to keep them entertained throughout the day with social interaction and play in this dog day care program. They get a break from 12-2 so we can catch our breath and tend to other guests. Then it’s back to play until pick-up time. Camp is available Monday thru Saturday. Contact us today to learn more.

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