Keep Your Dog Active With Fun Games

Games are an effective way of keeping your dog healthy and active. Your dog likely has a lot of energy, so why not help burn some of it off by incorporating fun games into your normal running or walking routine? Playtime gives your pet a chance to run around and enjoy some stimulation. Read on for a few suggestions as to how to get them moving and having fun. And, if time is an issue, pet daycare is an ideal solution for most pet owners.

Games for Dogs

“Follow the Leader” gives dogs the chance to run around to their heart’s content while sharpening their listening skills. It’s a great option for keeping them healthy through exercise while providing mental stimulation. As you might know, a healthy and engaged mind is part of maintaining a healthy body.

Unlike other games that encourage dogs to sprint, agility games are actually more about quick movement and reaction, which is something dogs love to do, especially when there are toys and play structures around to keep the game interesting.

While it’s simple, fetch is always a good option to provide engagement for dogs. The pup will be paying careful attention to the direction of the ball or object, which makes for fun physical and mental activity. The sprinting aspect, of course, helps to keep the dog in good shape.

Woofs & Wags: the Best Pet Daycare

While you may appreciate the importance of exercising with your dog, the opportunity to do so can be hard to find, especially with work and a packed routine. Luckily, a quality pet daycare service takes care of that problem for you. Not only does your pet get to play a variety of games, but they’ll do so with trained experts who know how to make maximize the fun and health benefits. If you are located in Baltimore and would like to ensure your pet’s long-term health, contact our team at Woofs and Wags today to learn more about our services.

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