Is Pet Daycare Right for Your Furry Friend?

When you think about pet daycare, you might imagine groups of dogs running around together. It can be a great way for dogs to stay active and engaged while their owner is away. Although most dogs benefit from daycare, it might not be the right choice for your pet. Some dog temperaments thrive in a daycare environment while others find it stressful. Read on to learn more.

Dogs that Excel in Daycare

Not all dogs like being around a pack. Sometimes a group setting can cause stress and fear, making it an extremely uncomfortable environment. Some questions to ask yourself before you enroll in pet daycare are

  1. Does your dog happily interact with unfamiliar dogs or does just tolerate them? You can tell when you bring your dog to the park or on a walk. Dogs that happily interact with other dogs are likely to enjoy daycare.
  2. Is your dog tolerant? If so, your dog is a good communicator and likely responds appropriately to body language cues and prefers avoidance over confrontation. This trait is ideal for pet daycare.
  3. Is your dog aggressive? If yes, daycare is not the right choice. Instead, work with a professional dog trainer who can help your dog with counter-conditioning and positive reinforcement.

The Benefits of Pet Daycare

When your dog goes to a pet daycare, it prevents him from feeling lonely. He will be having too much fun running around with other dogs to miss you. Dogs require exercise and they can go on walks with staff or play fetch. This is beneficial for their physical health and emotional well-being. Dogs enjoy a change of scenery just like humans do. Instead of being limited to the same environment every day, your dog will be introduced to new scents. Lastly, it’s no surprise that dogs love attention. When you can’t give them attention because of work or other responsibilities, they can get it from the staff at daycare.

Woofs & Wags

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