Four Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Health

Your dog’s health is important. That is why you should always provide nutrition, exercise, and mental stimulation to improve its well-being. Here are a few tips from Woof’s & Wag’s dog daycare in Baltimore to keep your dog in high spirits.

Improve Your Dog’s Health

Exercise. Nothing helps your dog relax better than a walk in the park to release pent up energy. Dogs love following scent trails and pursuing more exciting paths than a human would do. Let your dog control the pace and occasionally stop to great other pets and sniff around. If your dog is hyperactive, you can enroll it at a dog daycare in Baltimore, where they plan fun activities such as fetch, flyball, and frisbee.

Healthy Diet. Just like humans, dogs need a balanced diet with sufficient nutrition for growth and maintenance. Feed your dog high-quality pet food that is suitable for its breed, health status, and age profile. If you choose to make the food independently, then look for fresh meat, vegetables, and starch from tubers and cereals. Do not spoil your dog with many treats because it could contribute to weight problems and obesity.

Stimulation. Stimulate your dog’s brain with concentration and thinking exercises. Examples of such activities include rotating toys, hide and seek, and tracking using treats inside hidden toys. Provide opportunities for natural play with other dogs because playing enhances socialization. You can also use fun cognitive enhancement behaviors such as high fives and dancing on command.

Dog Daycare. Dog daycare facilities provide professional services that the average pet owner may not have the time or skill to offer. For instance, they can organize games for your dog to play with other pets throughout the day. Most dog care centers also provide mental stimulation and other forms of engagement and companionship.

Contact Woofs & Wags Dog Daycare in Baltimore

Woofs & Wags is a top-rated facility for dog daycare in Baltimore. Apart from providing appropriate nutrition and exercise, we also offer grooming, boarding, and play companions for dogs during the day. Contact us for further consultations on improving your dog’s health.

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