Ideas to Keep Your Pet Happy During Rainy Days

When it’s cold or rainy outside, your dog won’t be spending a lot of time out there. Walks might be entirely out of the question. This lack of exercise and mental stimulation can really drive your canine companion nuts. If the bad weather goes on for days, your pet can start to develop behavioral issues from their frustration and boredom. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your dog’s bad-weather days exciting and interesting, ranging from treat puzzles to doggy daycare.

Treat Puzzles

Treat puzzles can keep your dog engaged for hours. They’re basically dish-sized toys with sliding parts, buttons, and other things. If your dog moves and presses them in the right order, a little door slides aside and gives your dog a treat! This provides mental stimulation as well as treats and entertainment.

Interactive Toys

Besides treat puzzles, there are all kinds of other interactive toys that can keep your doggy pal entertained inside. Hide and seek toys, for example, have several small toys inside a large toy. Your dog has to figure out how to get them out to play with them. Responsive toys move or make sounds whenever your dog plays with them, which they will probably find fascinating.

Long Lasting Chews and Bones

Dogs like to chew stuff. Have some long-lasting chews and bones set aside for those boring inside days, and your canine friend will probably happily sit quietly for hours just chewing on them.

App Controlled Treat Dispensers

If you have to be away while your dog is stuck inside, you may both enjoy an app controlled treat dispenser. This is basically a fancy treat dispenser connected to a camera, a speaker, and a little hardware, with everything controlled by an app. So even when you’re apart, you can see your dog and your dog can hear your voice. And, if you want, get a treat.

Indoor Agility Course

If you have a little space inside you can set up a fun agility course for your dog. You can build obstacles to run around, jump over, and climb through out of chairs, stuffed animals, and other household items. Then have fun taking your pet through it.

Doggy Daycare

You can also send your dog to doggy daycare, where trained professionals are ready to keep them exercised and entertained inside when the weather is bad. This is an especially good solution if you have to be away. Contact Woofs & Wags today to learn more.

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