How to Find the Best Doggie Daycare in Baltimore

If you work eight hours a day and your dog has to stay at home alone during this time, daycare may be a good alternative. Doggie daycare in Baltimore can be a great choice for pets that need more activity in their day in order to be happy. Every dog is different, but some breeds are highly sociable and active. These breeds tend to do better when they are challenged, and are less destructive and nervous if they have a place to get their energy out. Dogs that don’t do well in a crate often do better at daycare because they don’t have to be alone.

Benefits of Professional Doggie Daycare

Dogs that attend doggie daycare are able to socialize with other dogs and engage in much more activity then they would alone in their home. They are also more likely to burn off calories, which means you are less likely to have an obese dog. A good facility will keep your dog entertained and will make sure that your dog gets needed bathroom breaks. Plus, like anyone, dogs appreciate a change of scenery from time to time. Think of it like a mini vacation for your best friend!

How to Choose the Best Daycare for Your Pet

Not all doggie daycares in Baltimore are the same, and not all dogs are the same. Therefore, it is wise to do a little research. You want a facility with trained staff members who understand the behavioral communication patterns of dogs. You also want a facility that sorts dogs based on temperament versus size. After all, a dachshund and a jack terrier are both small, but they are dogs with very different energy levels.

At Woofs & Wags our staff has decades of experience with dogs and understands the special needs your pet may need. We will make sure your pet receives the best experience at doggie daycare in Baltimore. Camp is open Monday through Saturday. Contact us today!

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