Four Reasons to Use Dog Day Care

The pet and dog care industry is growing at an average rate of 6.8% since 2013. That steady growth rate reflects what most pet owners already know. There are many undeniable benefits to dog day care that will greatly improve the life of your best friend.

Use Dog Day Care to Provide an Alternative

Is your dog happy staying home alone all day? Consider a dog day care instead that provides dogs with exercise, socialization, safety, and companionship.

Exercise. Your furry friend is a living creature that needs exercise. Just like humans, regular exercise will make your dog happy and healthy. A great dog care center will ensure your pet has time to roam around in a large, open space.

Socialization. Dogs are naturally friendly, social animals. At dog day care, you pet will have plenty of other dogs to interact with. This social interaction will allow your dog to get comfortable around strange dogs and learn healthy social skills.

Safety. Any pet owner knows that leaving their dog at home is stressful. Your dog is curious by nature and somehow manages to get into the strangest areas! Leaving your pet with supervision allows for peace of mind.

Relief for Separation Anxiety. Dogs love to be around other dogs and humans. They get lonely when they’re left alone. They also can’t understand why you’ve left them. Many dogs experience separation anxiety and showcase these feelings by barking all day or becoming destructive. Stop the daily routine for your dog of eight hours (or more) of silence and boredom.

Woofs & Wags Day Camp

Woof & Wags is a full-service dog day care that provides grooming, supervised day camps, and overnight boarding. The property is 5,000 square feet of facility space that includes play areas and rest areas. All the dogs are supervised continuously and provided a nutritious, healthy diet. Contact Woofs & Wags for more information today.

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