Dog Day Care Provides Constant Companionship

Every day, pet owners grapple with issues with their pets when family emergencies, illness, or travel disrupts normal care. Some even resolve to solve the problem by traveling with their pets only to realize that runaway restrictions, travel-induced illness, hotel restrictions etc turn their trip to a disaster. Others turn the care of their pets to well-meaning but unprofessional and untrained friends and neighbors. In all these scenarios, results are often unsatisfactory, which is where a professional dog day care comes in.

What Can Dog Day Care do for Your Pet?

Your pet deserves high quality and customized care. There’s no doubt about that. At Woofs and Wags, we offer the safest environment for your pet. Our professionals provide an array of world-class services such as grooming and boarding at the highest quality.

Here are some of the services to expect from a pet boarding facility:

Complete pet grooming services

A dog day care offers relaxing and detailed grooming to your pet. Proper grooming is effective at protecting the health of your pet while also ensuring that he or she is happy. We tailor the kind of care we offer depending on your pet that is, size, breed or any other needs you might have. Our groomers are not only happy but also vastly experienced to handle the unique needs of your pet such as care for sensitive skins.

Our complete pet grooming services include:

  • Cologne
  • Ear cleaning
  • Foot and pad trimming
  • Nail trims
  • Safe drying
  • Combing and brushing of pet’s coat
  • Conditioning
  • Proper shampooing (we use strictly safe products)

Comprehensive pet boarding

Are you traveling outside of Spring or leaving your home but don’t desire to take your cat or dog with you? We are here to handle your pet boarding needs. Our team not only cares about keeping your cat or dog safe, but also make sure that he or she remains content while at our premises. We have a vast neatly maintained space that animals can play and run while they visit us. Your cherished pet will get all the attention and exercises he or she needs throughout their stay.

Consult our experienced and skilled groomers on the needs of your pets today. You’re guaranteed of nothing short of top-notch services. We’re always available to take care of your pet’s needs. Our full-service dog and cat grooming service is always available by appointment. These services and more are available at Woofs and Wags, Baltimore. Get in touch here to learn more about this facility and the services that are provided here.


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