Dog Day Care: Best Practices During the Dog Days of Summer

Summer’s hot weather brings unique dog care challenges. Your dog’s ability to deal with high temperatures is limited. Should you need to book dog day care, it is important that the boarding facility practices healthy and safe measures during the dog days of summer.

Dog Day Care During Summer Months

Unlimited Access to Fresh Water

When it is very hot, your dog’s body loses more water than usual. Dehydration could be the greatest challenge for your dog in summer. Professional dog day care facilities understand this fact and ensure that dogs have unlimited access to fresh water.

Exercise During Cooler Hours of the Day

Exercise is essential for the general well being of your dog. However, it increases body temperature, and doing it in the heat of the day can be extremely uncomfortable for a dog. Professional dog day care facilities appreciate this reality and opt to play or take a walk during the coolers parts of the day—typically early in the morning and late in the evening.

Access to Shade

If outside is too hot for you, it could be worse for your dog. Dog boarding facilities should have areas of adequate shade. This ensures that your dog can keep cool even when outside.

Free of External Parasites

Insects are ever present during the hot days of summer. If you haven’t already done so, start your dog on a regimen of flea and tick preventives before checking your pet into a day care facility. Discuss with a veterinarian which spot-on treatments or oral medications serves your dog the best. There are even some medications which protect against both fleas and ticks for up to 12 weeks with just a single dose.

Good Dog Day Care Practices

You can count on Woofs & Wags for safe dog day care practices during the hot summer months. Your dog will be entertained throughout the day with social interaction and get a needed break from 12-2 during the hottest hours of the day. Camp is available Monday thru Saturday. Contact us today!

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