Boarding Kennels Agree: Pets Love Toys!

We all know that pet toys help entertain our dogs and cats. But did you also know that toys can also provide comfort and distraction while you are away from your pets? Boarding kennels agree that pets love toys for a number of reasons, so read on to learn more.

Types of Toys for Different Reasons

Interactive Toys. Interactive toys require your participation. For dogs, this includes fetching toys and rope toys. When using rope toys to play tug of war, make sure your dog understands this play is only appropriate with the toy and never with your hands. For cats, a teaser catcher wand with a little mouse at the end provides interactive fun. Always remember to put this toy away when you are not using it as cats can get tangled in the wire.

Distraction Toys. Distraction toys keep your pets occupied when you are too busy to actively entertain them. Dogs love chew toys, food delivery toys (the dog must work the toy to receive a treat), or puzzle toys (the dog solves a puzzle to get a treat). Cats love catnip mouse toys, a ripple rug, and cat exercise wheels or climbing towers.

Comfort Toys. Comfort toys help relax your pets while you are busy or away. For dogs, comfort toys could be safe stuffed toys that are small enough to carry around or even dirty laundry that smells like you. Cat houses or dirty clothes that carry your scent can provide comfort to your feline friends.

Toy Safety

Or course it’s always important to be safe and supervise your pets when they are using toys. Pets can hurt themselves, get tangled, or swallow small parts. If you are away for an extended period of time, it might be a good idea to research nearby boarding kennels or pet daycare options to help keep your pets safely entertained.

Baltimore Boarding Kennel: Woofs & Wags

For those looking for boarding kennels in the Baltimore area, Woofs & Wags is your top choice. Woofs & Wags hosts both cats and dogs. We will constantly supervise your pets and keep them entertained with a variety of toys, so you can feel assured they are in safe hands at all time.

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