Dog Days of Summer: Safety Tips

The dog days of summer start in July and last until the end of August. For some folks, it’s time to fire up the barbeque, bring out the popsicles, and fill up the pool. For dog lovers, it’s about having fun outside with their four-legged companions. However, as temperatures increase, your furry friend may be exposed to some dangers. Read on to learn a few tips from Woofs & Wags dog boarding.

Summer Safety Tips from Dog Boarding Experts

Here are ways to keep your dogs healthy and happy this summer.

Avoid parked cars. During summer, never leave your dog in a parked car. Unfortunately, hundreds of pets die from heatstroke because they are left in parked vehicles. The American Veterinary Medical Association has revealed that in only 10 minutes, temperatures inside the car can increase by almost 20 degrees. Imagine a summer day when average temperatures are around 75 and therefore in 10 minutes the inside of a car can easily reach 94 degrees. If you are visiting a place that’s not pet-friendly, it’s recommended to keep your dog at home.

Avoid hot surfaces. It’s not advisable to walk your four-legged friend when temperatures are extremely high. Pavement and other surfaces such as vehicles, sand, and metal absorb heat from the sun and even retain heat after dusk. This causes blisters and wounds to your dog’s paws. Therefore, before every walk, ensure to check the heat of the surface you will mainly be walking on.

Always have fresh water and shade options. If you are planning on hanging outdoors with your dog, it’s important to ensure they have access to fresh water and shade at all times. During hot summers, your dog’s temperature increases which then raises the need for water intake. Therefore, it’s important to provide your pet with cool, clean water. In addition, shaded areas help your dog avoid sunburns.

Practice water safety. Some dog owners take their dogs swimming during summer to keep them cool. Most dogs love swimming, but not all are experts at the doggie paddle. To keep your dog safe, ensure to be around your pet when swimming. It’s advisable to use a life jacket or kiddie pool if your dog is not a strong swimmer.

Choose daycare and dog boarding. If you’re not able to keep your dog safely entertained inside or outside during the summer, learn more about local boarding facilities.

Woofs & Wags Pet Lodge

Keeping your best furry friends happy and safe during the summer months is essential. If you are headed on vacation or just need some extra attention for your dog during the day, the friendly staff at Woofs & Wags will provide your dog with a home away from home. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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