How to Deal with a Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in puppies is quite common. In contrast, most mature dogs are accustomed to some time apart from their owners throughout the day. The pandemic, which forced people to stay at home, changed everything. Dogs have grown accustomed to having constant company. Sadly, as people head back to offices and students back to school, more dogs are showing signs of separation anxiety. Certain breeds, such as Yorkies, suffer from separation anxiety even in their adulthood. If your dog is showing signs of stress, there are several things you can do to try and curb these issues. One of the best solutions may be doggie daycare. If you need options for dog boarding in Maryland, read on to learn more.

Identifying Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Identifying separation anxiety is fairly easy. A dog that instantly cries or barks when you leave could be the first indication. If this behavior is accompanied with self destructive behaviors, then this is a clear sign of separation anxiety. Going to the bathroom in odd places or scratching at walls and doors are clear indicators that your dog is feeling anxious when alone.

Some dogs that suffer from serious separation anxiety can even cause harm to themselves. Leaving dogs alone in a crate or locked up in a room can possibly create more stress. Although, leaving them out to wander the house could cause harm as well. The best thing to do for a dog that suffers from separation anxiety is to leave him somewhere where he will be well cared for and can interact with other dogs or people. Dogs are naturally social creatures, therefore they should interact with others for better social and temperamental skills. Taking your dog to a professional dog boarder can help curb social anxiety and increase mental development.

Woofs & Wags: Dog Boarding in Maryland

Woofs & Wags is for all those active canines that need a social outlet during the day instead of sitting home alone. We try to keep them entertained throughout the day with social interaction and play in this dog day care program. They get a break from 12-2 so we can catch our breath and tend to other guests. Then it’s back to play until pick-up time. Camp is available Monday through Saturday. Contact us to learn more about our services!

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