Dog Boarding in Baltimore City: Tips to Get Your Dog Ready

Leaving a dog in a boarding facility can be a daunting task for the owner, especially with the uncertainty of whether your dog will be under great care. But with professional dog boarding in Baltimore City, you need not worry anymore. We will help make sure that your pet is safe while you are away. As a dog owner, you should prepare your dog for boarding by making sure that you have done the following.

Ensure the Dog is Vaccinated

Keeping your dog up to date with the required vaccinations will ensure that your pet is safe from diseases and pests that can easily be picked up from staying in the kennel. Carry a copy of your dog’s veterinary records to show the kennel that all vaccinations are current.

Leave All Necessary Information

Before boarding your dog, it’s crucial to leave all the necessary information about your dog. This could include your contact information, dietary needs for your dog, a contact of your preferred vet in case of an emergency, as well as any other relevant information that may be required by the boarding facility.

Pack Familiar Items for Your Dog

Boarding your dog may leave him/her feeling lost in a new environment. Your pet will feel more comfortable and at ease if he/she could spot some familiar items around. Bring along a favorite blanket or toys to remind your dog of home.

Maintain a Normal Diet

A change in living environment can easily be adopted by your dog, but a diet change may have a serious impact on a pet’s digestive systems. It’s advisable to find a boarding facility that will guarantee your dog will not have his/her diet interfered with. Better still, you can inquire if it is okay to carry your dog’s food to the facility.

Be Calm before Dog Boarding in Baltimore City

Before the day of boarding, ensure you have come to terms with your separation, so that you won’t affect your dog’s emotional status by being upset. When you are relaxed and happy, your dog will feel much at ease.

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