Dog Boarding Can Be a Vacation for All!

As a dog parent you know that it can be tough to leave your pet behind when you’re traveling. Choosing the right Baltimore dog boarding facility not only helps make your vacation stress-free, but also it can be tons of fun for your pooch too!

Stress-Free Dog Staycations

Heading out on a dog-free trip means finding a place for your pet to stay. While most boarding facilities are great at keeping your dog safe in a secure kennel, the fact is that family pets tend to get stressed when they’re confined to a cage.

Canine behaviorists know that dogs do best when they’re provided with customized care. This means dogs that love to run, play and socialize with other canines should have lots of social interaction while they’re in a boarding facility. Of course, the same is true for dogs who prefer solitary time; if they don’t like hanging out with other dogs, they shouldn’t have to while they’re away from home!

How to Choose the Right Dog Boarding Facility

You wouldn’t take your family to just any old resort or hotel, and the same is true when it comes to choosing a boarding facility for your dog. Here are some questions to consider when searching for the ideal spot to send your dog on vacation:

  • How long has the facility been in business?
  • What types of accommodation are offered?
  • Are there activities during the day?
  • Will my dog get 1:1 attention?
  • Is there a cage-free area?
  • Does the facility have an on-call vet?
  • Is dog grooming offered?
  • Is the facility licensed and insured?

Taking the time to research the best boarding option for your pet will help make your vacation relaxing and stress-free. Better yet, you’ll return home to a very happy dog!

Woofs & Wags Pet Lodge: Baltimore’s Dog Vacation Destination

If you’re looking for a safe, loving dog boarding facility that will give your pooch plenty of play time and activities, call us here at Woofs & Wags Pet Lodge. We offer supervised cage-free dog day care, grooming services and one-on-one buddy time, because we don’t just board dogs, we give them a vacation!

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